Waggin’ Wheels Campaign

Our Homeless Dogs Need Your Help! We’ve had increasing difficulties in locating rental vans to transport the hundreds of homeless dogs and puppies we rescue from southern Indiana each year. The problem has become even worse since large retail corporations have begun leasing all available vans to make deliveries for the huge surge in online shopping due to the pandemic. To be sure we’ll always have a vehicle available for the transports, we’ve decided to buy our own cargo van. Owning our own vehicle means we’ll never again have to cancel a transport or reschedule it for another week – putting a dog at risk of being euthanized before we can save him. This is a very expensive purchase for us and we desperately need your assistance in raising $49,900 as quickly as possible! Please find it in your heart to donate to our van fund and help us continue rescuing as many homeless dogs as we can. Even a few dollars would make a tremendous difference! Your support is greatly appreciated by all of your friends at Rover Rescue – both the two and four-footed ones!

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Send your checks to:
Rover Rescue
PO Box 4074
Aurora, IL 60507
Phone: 630-897-7454