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Lost Your Dog?

Reach “Lost Dogs Illinois” on Facebook to create a free flyer, receive free tips and resources and post on social media.

Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet friendly single family homes, townhomes, apartments for rent

More pet friendly apartments for rent

Pet friendly apartments for rent in Aurora

Pet friendly apartments for rent in Naperville

Pet friendly apartments for rent in Chicago

Guide to Flying With Pets’s guide to flying with pets. We created a guide that provides the most updated information on pet travel restrictions for every airline, including emotional support and service animals.

Our guides provides helpful information on every aspect of pet travel, such as:

  • Pet friendly airport and relief locations
  • Pet health requirements for each state
  • Travel rewards and programs offered for flying with your pet

You can find the guide here:

Pet Insurance Review

Here are some links to pet insurance reviews:

Free Discount Card for Pet Drugs

Rover Rescue offers a free discount card for the purchase of pet drugs. Click here to print out the card, which is usable immediately to save 55 percent on generic drugs and 15 percent on brand names.