Costs of Owning a Pet & Costs Saving Guide

This guide is intended for individuals and families interested in becoming a pet owner. It includes chapters on cost of owning a pet, from typical everyday cost to emergency medical care. You can find the guide here:

This source was created to help people find out what the unknown costs are in life on all sorts of topics, with this subpage, in particular, focusing on dogs only.  Plus, aside from our information, which is cited by academic journals, etc, visitors are able to leave the costs they paid, allowing others to see real-time costs on an interactive map on our site, assuring visitors they are not overpaying.

Did you know that you can save an animal’s life when you adopt from a reputable rescue? The good rescue groups might charge a little more for the adoption fee, but you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding unforeseen medical bills.’s Savings Guide On Pet Care will give you a detailed look at how you can save money – and an animal’s life – when you acquire your pet. It will also walk you through the many ways you can cut back on pet expenses without having to cut back on your pet’s well being.

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