Tippy is a 12 year old rat terrier who came to Rover Rescue from a shelter in southern Indiana. Tippy is a sweet girl and an easy keeper. She loves to hang out in the backyard and go for walks. Tippy is what some might call a "curvy girl". She weighs roughly 27lbs but should be under 20. Tippy's weight problem is due to a medical condition called hypothyroid. She is currently on thyroid medication and a special diet and is working towards a healthier weight. Tippy's weight is also putting stress on her liver and pancreas. The special diet relieves the stress on the pancreas and she also takes a liver supplement. Finally, Tippy appears to have a very, very mild trachea issue. This sometimes causes her to cough, especially if she pulls on her collar or gets too excited. This doesn't bother her at all, but she does need to go to a non-smoking home as second-hand smoke seems to make her coughing much worse. Our vet feels that all of these conditions are easily managed by medication, diet, and exercise and with good care, Tippy should live several more happy years. Tippy recently had a dental and had 12 teeth pulled. No more stinky fish breath! You would never know Tippy had lost so many teeth, she still loves to eat!!

Tippy really is a nice little dog and would make a good companion for a low key owner looking for a companion. She is doing well with her house training. Tippy sleeps in her crate at night and when I'm gone. She completely ignores the dogs and cats in the house. As she starts feeling better, she has started to play. She likes to carry around tiny tennis balls. Tippy is spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. She is looking for a retirement home to spend her golden years. If you're interested in learning more about Tippy, please call her foster mom, Katie, at 630-947-2589. Her adoption fee is $100.