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Kobe came to the Indiana shelter as a stray several months ago. He was found on the side of a road. No idea how he got there. He was already paralyzed and his muscles atrophied but he was clean and his toe nails trimmed. No light in his eyes at all. He had given up. We sent him to a foster home to see if, out of the shelter, he wanted to carry on.

The foster family he went to has several dogs and they all go on daily walks. Kobe watched and after a little while started acting like he wanted to go on the walk, too. We got him a wheel chair and Kobe was mobile. He loves his walks. He has to be kept on a leash or he leaves the rest of the pack behind - chasing rabbits, deer or other things that scurry along the path. Acts just like a dog.

He gets along with all the dogs in the house. Wrestles and plays with them. He ignores the cats and loves the 1 year old baby in the household.

When he is in the house he is generally in a drag bag (a nylon bag that protects him from getting carpet burn) with a belly band. His bladder is expressed (push on his bladder and it empties normally) a few times a day. His foster mom has been cathing him at night but said that might not be needed.

He is on a schedule and will let you know if it's time to eat or go to bed. He loves his crate and will sleep in it quietly all night.

Kobe loves to spend days out in the yard. He is free to roam around the yard without his drag bag or his wheelchair. He scoots wherever he wants to go. Not being able to use his back legs does not slow him down.

Kobe has developed muscles since he has been in his foster home. The knot on his spine has disappeared. He has started moving his back legs and will pull them up when he gets in his wheel chair. The vet believes he may be able to put weight on his legs but he has forgotten how to walk normally or he is not motivated to walk because he gets around fine the way he is. Hydro therapy has been suggested but we are not able to provide that for him.

Kobe is 5-6 years old and 40 pounds. He is neutered, up to date on shots and heart worm negative. He has lots of love to give and many years ahead. He just needs to find a home that will help him continue to gain strength, give him lots of love and give him a little help when he needs it.

For information email [email protected] or call 812 883 4204. His adoption fee is $100.