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This tiny beautiful girl had a horrible beginning of life. Pumpkin is a 10 lb, spayed 1-2 yr chihuahua mix that came from a terrible hoarding situation. She was more than likely born into it. Because of this she came to her foster home very scared and unsure. It was if she was almost feral. She hid under the bed for 2 days. Every time her foster parents would try to coax her out she would just shake and shake. This girl was shut down. It took her foster parents about 5-6 days before she would begin to show signs of relaxing. Pumpkin’s foster parents realized she was never socialized properly and was not around people in her formative puppy months. They knew they had to take it slower then usual to get her to come out of her shell and start to trust. Food, treats, and sweet talking worked.

Pumpkin bonded with her foster mom. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house. She gives kisses and loves to have her belly rubbed. Pumpkin is turning into a playful pup. It’s wonderful to see a scared shaking dog becoming the dog she was supposed to be. Pumpkin is very loving and affectionate with her foster mom. She lays by her on the couch and in bed. Her foster mom can pick her up, play with her ears and paws and also look at her teeth with no problem.

She did not bond with her foster dad. He tried and tried but it never happened. Pumpkin will bark at her foster dad when he comes in the room where she is at. But the love and snuggles she gives her foster mom is amazing. To see this dog transform from one that seemed completely shut down to now twirling around the house and back yard is a dream come true for rescues.

Pumpkin is a playful gal! Her foster mom and her play a lot with toys, tag, and light wrestling. Her foster mom is greeted with tail wags, kisses and wiggle butt when she comes home. Her foster mom tried over and over to teach Pumpkin how to walk on a leash. She would just freeze and not move. But she has crazy fun running around her backyard. She gets along wonderfully with the other dogs in the house. And she doesn’t show any interest in the cats. There is a special needs dog in the house that is pretty immobile and uses pee pads. Pumpkin uses the pads. Her foster mom is working on teaching her to potty outside.

Pumpkin is a good dog. She was dealt a horrible hand from birth. That should not be what defines her. She is not broken. She needs a home that will be patient and loving. A home that will give her time to adjust and trust. Once she knows she can relax and be herself her fun, loving, sweetness will shine through. If you would like to meet this dog please call Teri at 630-897-7454. The adoption fee is $225.

Adoption fee includes:
- microchip
- free 30 days of pet insurance (requires activation)
- spay/neuter
- age appropriate vaccinations: Bordetella, DH(L)PP, rabies
- heartworm preventive & flea/tick preventive (when necessary)
- deworming