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RUDY is a handsome little red Chihuahua, and weighs 11 lbs. Rudy came to Rover Rescue after being in a shelter in southern Indiana along with another chihuahua from his household, where they were brought, after their owners were tragically killed in a traffic accident in May. Rudy and his brother Wally had it rough for awhile but are both now well adjusted now and back to being happy and playful little guys. Rudy is housebroken too! Rudy is very loving, and loves all people, children and other dogs... and he absolutely LOVES cats! He is very sweet and caring with them. There were four older children in his previous household (who were not in the accident) so he is used to a busy household.

Rudy has 3 other little dogs close to his size here at his foster home that he enjoys playing with. He can fetch (and catch! ) tennis balls, and other toys, as well as treats. Rudy is a snuggler too, and if you are looking for a little couch cuddler, Rudy is your boy! He loves playing in the back yard and is able to run and play in a large fenced in yard. He enjoys rolling around in the grass, and follows foster mom and the other dogs, doing important things such as sniffing through the fence at the neighbor dogs, tasting "yummy" grass and weeds, then sprawling out in the sun for a nap on the warm grass. You can see him here in the video, he bops around with his little doggie friends here, following them around, being "one of the gang" in a cute and gentle manner. Rudy would do so well in a household with at least one other little doggie. And let's throw in a kitty or two also, which makes Rudy so happy... he gives them little kisses on their noses, and just loves them so!

Rudy was a very good boy in the tub when he got a bath. He stood perfectly still and loved being scrubbed and massaged with the soapy water. He showed it too, by rolling all over in the towels afterwards and acting silly! He even didn't mind being blow dried with the hair dryer, which he liked because it kept him warm. Rudy is fairly quiet and doesn't bark very much at all. During the day, Rudy is out and about the house, and not crated. He will stick around where Foster Mom and other dogs are, laying in the nearest dog bed to keep tabs on who is doing what. He takes little naps throughout the day, we go outside many times a day in the back yard for play time and exercise. He does sleep in a crate at night time, but once he is in his own forever home, I'm sure he would love to stay close with his new family at bedtime... I'm sure he would be well behaved. Rudy eats twice a day, and is currently on a diet of Nutro small bite kibble with a few tablespoons of canned dog food on top for added protein. He also enjoys carrots and green beans too!

Rudy is neutered, up-to-date on his vaccinations, had his teeth cleaned with a laser dental cleaner, and also had two rear dewclaws surgically removed. Rudy is also on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and comes with free micro-chipping and registration, plus 30 days of free pet health insurance. His adoption fee is $225 (cash or check only). For more information on Rudy and our adoption process, you can call or text his foster Mom, Debbie, at 630-272-1109 or email at [email protected] .

Adoption fee includes:
- microchip
- free 30 days of pet insurance (requires activation)
- spay/neuter
- age appropriate vaccinations: Bordetella, DH(L)PP, rabies
- heartworm preventive & flea/tick preventive (when necessary)
- deworming