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PUGGY is a male Puggle (Pug + Beagle) is around 8 years of age, and weighs 34 lbs. It's almost impossible to describe how cuddly Puggy is -- that round roly poly body of his is just too hard to resist hugging, and he is always wagging his tail with a "smile" on his face and such happy glowing eyes -- such a happy boy! (Although, his vision is not 100 percent... I would say 85 to 90 percent... mostly just small items he loses track of if they fly by him too fast.) When he is sleeping, he snores! And to top that, when he is sniffing around outdoors, he sometimes snorts too! What a big bag of happiness and joy this boy is!! Puggy loves all people and all dogs and even the family kitties. He gets into these playful streaks and barks at me or whoever is around just acting silly and happy! He lightly plays with toys and really loves those belly rugs. Puggy enjoys the outdoors! It's been a great summer with Puggy here at his foster home. He has really done well hanging out in our big fenced yard, wandering around smelling all the outdoor scents that a Puggle nose thrives for! He follows me and the other dogs around for companionship, while I do my gardening. He just loves laying on the doggie cots or hammocks, and shares most of his playtime with another foster dog who came with him on his journey up to Illinois. A happy, friendly boy, and such a terrific companion! All the other dogs here just love him, and that doesn't happen all the time!

Puggy came to Rover Rescue in early August with a 4-year-old Basset/Beagle named Chicken (whose bio you can also find here on Rover Rescue's website at www.RoverRescue.org). These 2 boys seem very bonded. I think they both lived together in the same home before being rescued from a Southern Indiana kill shelter. They both cried in their crates when it was bedtime until I moved them both together into a larger crate. Instantly they were quiet and happy and snooze together each night... both racing together to get their favorite dog bed in the crate! During the daytime, they are both out and about in the house or out in the back yard with the family. Puggy is housebroken ... he had a couple accidents at the beginning... and then had a urinary tract infection, but that was quickly cleared up with meds, and Puggy seems to be doing great now in that category! I don't know what kind of life Puggy and Chicken had at their prior home, but they were both pretty sad when they first got here... dirty too. They may have been outside dogs, but amazingly they were, and are, very sweet and friendly. After arriving here at their foster home, I think they realized they would always be loved and cared for here and have plenty of friendly playmates and lots of fun things to do ... and they quickly transformed into 2 very happy boys, which I am so thankful for, for their sakes! (And clean boys too... both had double scrubbing baths and I feel that bathing these new dogs that come here is a great bonding experience for them with me... as they definitely have to feel much better after getting a lifetime worth of dirt off of them down the drain ... in many instances). My dream for them would be that some loving family out there would have a big heart and adopt both of these boys so they could live the rest of their lives together.... I think they would do better together than apart anyway, which would make it easier overall for their new family too.

Puggy was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid condition, which requires taking daily medication for the rest of his live... it is just 2 tiny pills... one pill 12 hours apart from each other. I hide the pill in a ball of oatmeal, which is good for him too! This is a very common condition in dogs, and cats too, but easily managed. So this is an added expense that his new owners will be required to continue with Puggy, but he is definitely worth it. After being on these meds for 2 months, he will get a repeat blood test and if things look good, he will be able to get his dental and teeth cleaning.

Puggy is neutered, up-to- date on his vaccinations, is on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and comes with free micro-chipping and registration. His adoption fee is $200 (cash or check only). For more information on Puggy and our adoption process, you can contact his foster Mom Debbie 630-272-1109 or email at [email protected] .