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CHICKEN (we call him Chicky) is a male Basset Hound/Beagle mix, between 3 and 4 years of age, and weighs 34 lbs. He's laid back, a very sweet boy, and loves all people and dogs, not sure about cats. Chicky was very shy the first time meeting my adult children, but a week later when they came back he remembered them and raced up to greet them. Chicky was born with a deformed right front leg and paw, and has only two toes on that limb. That arm is a little shorter too, which causes him to limp a little when he walks or trots because the leg doesn't quite reach the ground when standing. He manages very well though and is just a happy go lucky kind of guy! Chicky will make a great companion for some loving family out there. He enjoys getting attention, and will lay down and roll over upside down so you can easily rub his belly -- and just take it all in! Chicky even catches treats too!

In August, Chicken came up to Rover Rescue from a Southern Indiana kill shelter with a big group of dogs. One of those other dogs was an 8 year old puggle named Puggy, a 34 lb. male, who came with Chicken to my foster home. Puggy is also a very sweet dog. Neither one of them were really housebroken that well -- they may have been neglected and mandated to living outdoors most or all of the time. They are much better now in the housebreaking department! Chicken and Puggy seem very bonded to each other, so I think they might have lived together in the same household down in Indiana. Since they arrived during summer, it was easier to housebreak them as we could in and outdoors all day long -- and they both greatly improved. They sleep together at nighttime in a big 3 foot by 4 foot crate and they really enjoy being together. At first they were crated separately and both of them cried. Putting 2 and 2 together, I put those 2 together at bedtime, and wha-lah, they were both quiet as mice, happy and fell right to sleep. This is why it would be nice if some wonderful family out there would consider adopting them both together, if possible.

During the daytime, they can roam the house at their leisure but sometimes they will go lay in a crate on their own for a nap. They love playing outside in the back yard with toys, running and rolling around, or just lounging in the sun. Not too much of that going on now that winter is approaching. So they chew their Nylabones in doggie beds, and take a nap here and there. Chicky loves to collect as many Nylabones and squeaky toys that he can find. Sometimes I will find piles of these toys in a crate or in a dog bed hiding underneath a blanket -- what a stinker! He looks very serious when he confiscates a squeaky toy that he has found, then happily trots off to another room to find a good hiding place -- what a character! Chicky can also be sort of a couch potato and will plop himself down on this big pillow that is on one of the couches next to another dog for company. When I am working on my computer, he sometimes falls asleep underneath the printer table next to me if that space is available. If not, then I can hear him crunching on a Nylabone from his big dog crate behind me, which he is actually doing right now as I write this bio!

Going back to summertime, we have a huge fenced in backyard, and very often Chicky will sit up on his rear end with his front arms up in the air, kind of like a Squirrel or a Prairie Dog. He will sit there for minutes at a time, with a huge smile on his face (as you can see in one of the photos) ... just looking around the yard, up into the trees, through the fence at a neighbor, just gazing around for no reason at all!, but really enjoying himself. And he never falls over. He has terrific balance! Or he will sit up like that looking towards one of the other dogs as if he is communicating with them. He does that inside the house too. It's really a novelty and a fun topic of conversation! Chicky loves laying on those elevated dog beds (one brand is called Coolaroo) which you can see him doing in one of the photos here on his bio. They are a few inches off the ground and the material is a strong water-proof canvass... very comfortable especially for older dogs who may be developing arthritis. We use them outdoors, indoors and in the garage.

Chicky has that deep Basset Hound bark and sometimes howls too (I call it singing), which he only does when he gets excited, when I come home, or if someone comes over. His musical talents will inspire the other dogs to joint in, and before you know it, an entire choir is performing! But after about 30 seconds they all stop... and it was fun while it lasted! That's about the extent of his vocals - he is quiet most of the time. When Chicken first arrived, he didn't seem physically as strong as he is now. He could only trot around for a short time, and would have to stop and rest for awhile. He may have had an outdoor life on a chain where he couldn't get much exercise. But as time progressed living here, and with us being outside in a half-acre back yard practically all day during the summer, Chicky developed so much more endurance and strength, he is now able to travel all over the yard, from far in the back all the way back to the house, without having to stop and rest! So it would serve Chicky well if he could find a forever home that has a fenced in yard (it does not have to be a half acre!) so he can keep an active life at his own pace. With that deformed right arm, this could really help him in the long run as far as keeping up his strength and health. However, I'm not sure if he would do well as a long distance walker. I also don't think he can manage a full flight of stairs, because he doesn't put full weight on the right paw, so he might fall. But he does fine with a couple of steps that we have going into the attached garage from the house. And we have a ramp going up from the lawn to the back yard deck which he uses very well all the time -- he runs up the ramp which is covered with astro-turf, and lays on it to nap in the sun! (When he pees outside, he balances himself on his right back leg and his left front arm while lifting up his left back leg and holding up the right front paw!)

Chicken is neutered, up-to- date on his vaccinations, is on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative, had a laser teeth cleaning, and comes with free micro-chipping and registration. His adoption fee is $200 (cash or check only). For more information on Chicken and our adoption process, you can contact his foster Mom Debbie 630-272-1109 or email at [email protected]