Mimi is a sweet little lady looking for a special someone to provide her with an attentive and loving forever home for her senior years. Mimi is a 10 year old, small framed beagle mix that weighs only 18 pounds. She arrived at a high kill shelter in southern Indiana as a very hungry, tired stray with a cough, a severe eye infection and a compromised immune system from wandering the area for who knows how long. Initially, the shelter staff thought she was totally blind as her eyes were clouded over and very red but after an evaluation by their vet it was decided that it would be best for her to see a veterinary ophthalmologist. Mimi was given eye ointment antibiotics and transferred over to a Rover Rescue foster home for some much needed tender loving care.

Initially the stress from the transport, her cough and poor vision made her very uneasy of trusting her new foster mom and new surroundings. After about 2 weeks of medications, special feedings, a lot of sleep and a visit to the eye specialist Mimi is beginning to flourish into a sweet and loving little gal that is curious, playful and gets along well with the other dogs in the household. Being a senior, she still naps quite frequently and will entertain herself if no one wants to play with her by pulling toy by toy out of the toy basket until she finds that one special toy she’s looking for.

Mimi would do best in a family home with older children or adults as she is skittish and uncertain of fast movements, a lot of activity and loud noises. Mimi is afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower. When she gets scared, she will tuck her tail, tremble and stay as close to you as possible for protection and reassurance. She does well on car rides but prefers to either be held securely or sit nestled snugly between the driver and the car door where she can look out the window and know that you are there for reassurance. Mimi may do well in a thunder coat but she has not yet been introduced to one. Mimi likes being outdoors in the yard sniffing around and going for walks but needs a bit more work on leash training. Mimi needs a family that lives in a single family home as she would not be very good at apartment or condo living because of her howl. She isn’t an excessive barker but does bark and howl when she hears something or plays. True to her breed, she has that rather loud, drawn out howl of the beagle breed.

Being a stray and outside for some time Mimi has had accidents in the house but is working on a potty routine and responds well to positive reinforcement of treats. She will need someone who is willing to work with her to set up a new routine in her forever home, offering patience and praise, as new routines and surroundings can be a bit stressful to her.

As for her eyes, Mimi is being treated for keratitis which is an inflammation of the corneas of both eyes. She currently has a steroid based eye ointment that needs to be administered 3 times a day but the dosage will be reduced as things progress. The condition is getting much better and her current vision is expected to increase but it is unknown yet if there will be any scarring to her corneas. Not knowing her history, we are unsure if this is a condition related to allergies or if she may have gotten something into her eyes when she was wandering as a stray. Regardless as to what may have caused it, this will be an area a new owner will have to be aware of and be willing to supply and apply the ointment as needed. Mimi is up to date on all her shots, has been spayed, heartworm tested, flea treated and is ready to go to her new forever home. Her adoption fee is $100.

If you have been looking for an easy going companion and have room in your heart for a loving, little senior gal like Mimi, call Cindy her foster mom at 708-655-9620.