Aurora is a 8-10 year old, cream Shiba Inu. She's a quiet dog that spends most of her day napping, interspersed with activity. She has really come a long way since she first came to live with me three months ago when she used to hide in her crate and avoid interactions. She has an orthopedic bed located in the middle of all the action now and gets to and decide to participate or observe. She enjoys walks and spending time outside. She gets along with calm dogs that recognize when she needs her space, but will chase cats. Aurora enjoys playing with toys like rope, stuffed animals, and tennis balls. She really enjoyed wrestling with a two foot tall Snoopy I got for Valentine's Day. She can come across as standoffish towards new people, but offering her one of her favorite treats (cheese or chicken) will bring her around pretty quickly.
Aurora is very independent and doesn't require much attention, but she does appreciate a good neck rub. She is housebroken and goes to the door when she needs to go out. She will need a calm home with little to no stairs since she has arthritis in her back legs. This however does not stop her from enjoying a good walk. Aurora is deaf, so it's important that she is always leashed if not in a secured yard.
Aurora has to eat a prescription dog food to prevent bladder stones and takes a pill to prevent sleep incontinence. The food costs about 80.00/month, and the pills are less than $20 for a 60 day supply. Aurora is up to date on vaccinations, spayed and micro-chipped. For more information, please contact Teresa @ 630-815-1440. Her adoption fee is $75.