Jack is a seven year old Jack Russell mix who weighs in at 23 pounds. Weight wise he would be considered a small dog, but height wise he is a medium size dog. I'm not sure what he's mixed with. He looks like a tall Jack Russell with a tail. Despite his breed, he is very gentle and calm. Jack arrived at the shelter in the back of a pick up truck filled with trash and another dog. Apparently his owner dumped them at the shelter before going on to dump his trash. This was actually a good thing for Jack, as this person was not kind to him. Jack spent his life in a backyard with other dogs, and not a lot of positive human interaction. At the time of this writing Jack has been with me for two weeks. He is a shy, curious guy who is getting used to being a house dog. Since he hasn't been in a house before, I can't say that he's house broken...but he hasn't had any potty accidents inside. He's marked a few things, but I've been taking him out on a regular basis, and crate him while I'm gone, and he's been great. Jack is very comfortable around dogs, and follows my two beagles around, and is happy to climb into a crate with one of them, too. He's quite in a crate, and is ok in one while I'm away. He's more shy around people...very comfortable with me, but hesitant around new people...especially men. That doesn't mean he can't go to a home with men, he just needs time to get used to a guy, and needs to realize that not all men are unkind. Jack is not sure what to do with dog toys, but he does enjoy bones. Jack's crate has become his security blanket, as that is where he hangs out when he feels scared. I'm working on drawing him out of his crate, and helping him to realize he doesn't have to hide when he feels scared. He enjoys attention, and has become a great snuggle buddy if I put him on the couch with me!:) An ideal home for Jack will be one that has another dog who can be a companion for him and continue to show him the ropes. Jack is a submissive guy, and would do best with a confident, mellow dog. A home with older kids would be best... Not because he's snappy, but I think little ones would scare him. Jack is also a great candidate for a basic obedience class. He does not know any commands, and I think a group setting with other dogs and positive reinforcements will give him some much needed confidence. Jack would do well with a fenced yard, or with someone who will walk him. He's doing great on a leash...just needs some practice with his steering. Most of all, Jack is looking for a person or a family who is willing to invest some time in him, provide him with leadership, show him the world... (car rides, dog parks, etc.), and most importantly love him. I am very confident that in the right situation he will flourish and become a wonderful companion. The first half of Jack's life was not a good one, but he doesn't hold any grudges. He is loving, full of tail wags, and very much wants to please. I hope to find him a home that will provide him with an awesome second act to his life, filled with all the love and happiness he deserves! This guy has found his place in my heart in the past two weeks, and I hope he finds the right people/person for him. Jack is neutered, current on all his shots, had his teeth cleaned, and comes with a certificate for a free microchip from a Rover Rescue vet. His adoption fee is $200. If you would like to hear more about this special guy, and to possibly meet him to see if he's the guy for you, please call Margrit at 630-820-1584.